Image used under a Creative Commons license courtesy of Reza Vaziri.

I think the Arthur remake sounds like a lot of fun, what with the Russell Brand, and the Helen Mirren and all. But I’m a little worried about Jennifer Garner as the romantic lead. She’s ridiculously gorgeous and all, but I feel like I’ve seen her on-screen a lot recently, rewatching Juno and in The Invention of Lying, and I hate to admit this but I ended up seeing Ghosts of Girlfriends Past in theaters, and in large doses, her fragility is just overwhelming. Her eyes always look like she’s going to shatter. And if she looks like that in Arthur, she’ll be the thing that gets flattened in an acting stampede. I want to see her be funny, be smart, be maybe a little bit mean, be someone who stops something dead with something other than a gaze made up of a pair of twin dinner plates, eyes stolen from a cartoon deer.