Breakfast Links: August 25, 2011

— Aaron Swartz on Apple from last month.

— I, personally, have a MacBook Air, an iPad, an Apple TV, an Airport Extreme, and an iPod Nano along with various peripherals and will likely ditch my Motorola Atrix in favor of an iPhone 5 when they come out, so obviously from where I sit, Apple is a very successful company.

— My question about Japan and the Tyler Cowen worldview is why does the “Great Stagnation” hit Japan first?

— Gains in home appliance efficiency have been eaten up by increases in house size.


— Howard Schulz doesn’t know how to get what he wants from the political system.

— Paul Ryan likes to create new tax deductions and those who benefit from those deductions like to give Paul Ryan money.

— Mike Konczal has some ideas for unilateral administration action.

“But government officials cautioned that Fannie and Freddie do not do the administration’s bidding, even though they are essentially owned by taxpayers.”

— Americans still more inclined to blame Bush than Obama.