Breakfast Links: July 14, 2011

— Army experimenting with smartphones.

— Austerity’s the wrong prescription for Italy.

— African ethnic groups do about equally well economically on both sides of international borders.

— Mediterranean diet on the decline in Mediterranean countries.

— Spencer Bachus thinks FDR and LBJ caused current economic woes, presumably interspersed with decades of prosperity.

— Jonathan Bernstein on Eric Cantor.

— In Cantor’s defense, he keeps saving liberal from President Obama’s desire to make a very right-leaning Grand Bargain.


“[A]ll incoming Fed officials, whether regional bank presidents or board governors, should spend six months interning at the Riksbank.”

— Lindsey Graham says Republicans have no one to blame but themselves.

— If Microsoft is right and tablets are PCs, then Windows marketshare is falling fast.