Breakfast Links: July 29, 2011

— Republicans hate everything.

— The European economic situation keeps worsening and unlike our problems there’s no obvious solution.

— Why so many crappy gadgets get released.

Electricity rationing in Japan.


— Erick Erickson’s take on the state of the GOP.

— Why Obama can’t sign the Boehner bill even if Boehner managers to scrap up the votes for it.

— Krugman on fetishistic centrism.

Voter registration figures for Congo.

— Steny Hoyer suggests Obama may have to ignore the debt ceiling.

— Libyan rebel leader assassinated.

— Super-antibodies sound better than a “super congress.”

— Southerners and people who haven’t gone to college have more confidence in the US public school system but I assume everyone still thinks their own school is above average..