Breakfast Links: June 10, 2011

— Greg Ip explicates Bill Dudley.

— Married people are richer than us singles.

— Europe is bad at high tech.

— Anti-feminists gather for smart girl summit.


— It seems to me New York City could avoid these vicious school co-location battles if they acted to make real estate cheaper.

— Syrians fleeing to Turkey to evade crackdown.

This post should have opened with “Pour Some Sugar On Me” or Bikini Kill’s “Sugar.”

— With Newt Gingrich’s campaign imploding, I hope Rudy Giuliani gets in it so we can laugh at him.

— Stagnating economy vs stagnating educational system.

— Interdistrict school choice shows some promise; improved housing policy seems more promising still.

— Leicester City Council unprepared for zombie attack.