Breakfast Links: June 20, 2011

— It’s nice to be back home after a lovely, but somewhat frustrating and depressing conference in Minneapolis. I’m not sure anyone has a clear sense of the path forward from here for progressives.

— Orrin Hatch looks like a dead man walking.

— Drones are taking over everything.

“the Supreme Court last week severely curtailed investors’ practical ability to hold financial intermediaries accountable for fraud.”


— CEO economics.

— “Is college worth it?” stories have been appearing for decades.

— The case against violent revolution.

— Why content isn’t king.

— GW parking garage transforming into science and engineering center.

— Testing-skeptical report concludes that increased evidence on testing has led to modest improvements in student outcomes rather than the problems the skeptics warned against.

— American companies seeking tax break offer unconvincing claims about the broad benefits of tax breaks.

— Lindsey Graham says he’s open to more revenue if it doesn’t involve higher tax rates.