Breakfast Links: June 22, 2011

— Scary thought of the day: “The number of journalism graduate degrees awarded has doubled over the last two decades.”

— FDR wasn’t afraid to talk about the price level.

— The troop numbers aren’t what really matters in Afghanistan.

— Newt’s finance team quits.


— Fewer than 8 percent of French workers are in labor unions, though I believe the vast majority are nevertheless somehow covered by collective bargaining agreements.

Byliner looks cool.

— I agree with Greg Sargent: Obama is a weak bargainer because he thinks it’s smart politics.

— Sources of the housing shortage.

— I don’t understand why Spencer Ackerman is wearing a banana suit in these photos.

— The price level is still too damn low but we’re catching up.

— Susan Orlean on big houses but what are the zoning rules?