Breaking: ‘Agents Swarm MZM Headquarters, Cunningham’s Rented Boat’

The feds ratchet CunningScam up a notch — just in from Roll Call (sub req’d):

Federal agents on Friday searched the offices of a defense contractor tied to Rep. Duke Cunningham (R-Calif.) as well as the boat Cunningham lived on for more than a year, the latest sign of a growing investigation into the relationship between Cunningham and Mitchell Wade, founder of MZM Inc.

A federal task force that includes officials from the U.S. Attorney’s offices in both Washington, D.C, and San Diego, the FBI, Internal Revenue Service and Defense Criminal Investigative Service conducted the searches, according to Debbie Weierman, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Washington office.

Weierman would not discuss details of the probe, although she confirmed that the FBI has “some operations that are going on today” related to the Cunningham investigation.


Update: Two other interesting graphs from the Roll Call story below. Apparently the Duke-Stir is now for sale, and Cunningham is listed as the contact on the flyers. Ouch.

Cunningham had been living until recently on a boat owned by Wade and berthed at the Capitol Yacht Club. On Friday, federal agents could be seen searching the “Duke-Stir.” They later hauled away several boxes of documents but declined to comment to Roll Call.

Federal agents also questioned employees of the yacht club about the rules covering residence on vessels there, according to a source close to the issue. Cunningham, who lived on Wade’s boat from April 2004 until two weeks ago, said he has paid more than $13,000 in monthly dock fees and maintenance costs during this period. The Duke-Stir has been put up for sale by Wade for more than $130,000, with Cunningham listed on flyers as the contact person for information about the boat.