BREAKING: Minnesota House Passes Marriage Equality

The Minnesota House of Representatives approved marriage equality (HF 1054) by a vote of 75 to 59. It now proceeds to the Senate, where it has already been endorsed by both the Judiciary and Finance Committees.

Openly lesbian Rep. Karen Clark (DFL), author of the bill, told her colleagues that “Freedom means freedom for everyone.” With her support, the House unanimously adopted an amendment by Rep. David FitzSimmons (R) changing all references to “marriage” in the state law to “civil marriage.” An amendment by Rep. Tim Kelly (R) to replace all Minnesota marriages with civil unions was rejected, 22 to 111.

The Senate will take up the bill Monday and Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk (DFL) has said he believes he has the votes to pass it.

Gov. Mark Dayton (DFL) has promised to sign the bill and has said enactment would represent “a society-changing, breakthrough moment” for the North Star state.


Minnesota voters rejected a 2012 marriage inequality constitutional amendment (with just 47 percent voting in favor) and a recent poll found 51 percent of Minnesotans now support marriage equality.


71 of the 73 DFL (Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party, Minnesota’s Democratic party) members of the House voted in favor. All but four of the 61 House Republicans voted against marriage equality.