Breaking: Missing Justice Dept. documents subpoenaed.

MSNBC reports that the House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed the Justice Department for a series of additional documents, revealed last week by The American Spectator, that have not been turned over to Congress.

UPDATE: Several senators sent a letter yesterday to Alberto Gonzales requesting these documents:

Justice Department officials have previously said they turned over all relevant materials, but held back sensitive personnel information about most prosecutors other than those who were removed last year.

Among the missing documents the senators mentioned was a chart cited in a Feb. 12, 2007, e-mail message from Monica Goodling, a former aide to Mr. Gonzales, to other department officials.


The senators suggested that other documents had been withheld, like biographies of each of the 93 prosecutors in briefing books provided for Mr. Gonzales in December in preparation for a meeting of United States attorneys. The meeting was held to start an initiative against child exploitation.

UPDATE II: You can read the full subpoena HERE. Christy Hardin Smith explains exactly what House Judiciary Committee is requesting.