BREAKING: Scott McClellan ‘Next On the Chopping Block’

CNN’s Kathleen Koch reports this morning that Scott McClellan is “next on the chopping block” at the White House.


According to both administration and GOP insiders, we’re hearing here at CNN that Press Secretary Scott McClellan and Treasury Secretary John Snow could be the next ones to be shown to the door.

Now, why McClellan? Several sources familiar with the thinking of new White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten say that immediately, right out of gate, he began on focusing on improving White House communications in order to regenerate the White House’s — the administration’s message, the performance — you know those poll numbers are really lagging right now. One White House insider says there’s been “a lot of dissatisfaction with the state of communications.”


At the same time, though, very important to point out that there are many who insist that McClellan is very secure because of his close personal relationship with President Bush. We are hearing that if McClellan were to leave, that one name being floated as a possible replacement is White House counselor Dan Bartlett.

(HT: Atrios)