Breaking: White House Stonewalls on Rove

Finally, the White House press corps gets its act together.

Scott McClellan’s press briefing is beginning now (you can watch it live here) — but a reporter inside today’s untelevised press gaggle just shot us an email. Apparently McClellan was asked 5 different times about the Rove revelations, and 5 different times he said he “would not comment on an ongoing investigation.”

UPDATE: This press briefing is stunning. McClellan is refusing to say anything at all, not one word, about the Plame case. The reporters are outraged — NBC’s David Gregory just told McClellan that his stonewalling was “ridiculous.”

UPDATE II: McClellan’s line is that he will not comment on the investigation until the “appropriate time, which is when the investigation has concluded.” Actually, that’s not true — at all. The investigation began on September 28, 2003.