Brooks: Bush’s ‘Body Language’ Means He Won’t Attack Iran

Despite the Bush administration directly threatening Iran, talking up “World War III,” imposing unilateral sanctions, and requesting a “bunker buster” from Congress in recent weeks, conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks is convinced of the President’s peaceful intent.

In a PBS interview yesterday, Brooks said that Bush’s “body language” when discussing Iran made him “reasonably confident there’s going to be no military” confrontation:

[I]f you look, read his language, if you look at his body language, you see a man that’s totally different than before Iraq. He is preparing the way for the next administration to have some means to deal with the situation. He believes in the diplomacy. But unless I totally misread him, I think he has no inclination to launch a military action.

Watch it:


During the interview, Brooks said he is part of a group of right-wing columnists who meets regularly with President Bush. “I’m sort of the Fidel Castro of the group. I’m on the far left,” Brooks said.

Transcript of the program available here.