Bryan Fischer Encourages Guilty ‘Conductor’ Of Child-Kidnapping ‘Underground Railroad’ To Flee The Country

Kenneth Miller, a Mennonite pastor, has been found guilty of abetting international kidnapping of the child of a same-sex couple. The girl’s one mother, Lisa Miller (no relation), had declared herself ex-gay, refused to honor the custody agreement with her former partner Janet Jenkins, and ultimately fled with their daughter, Isabella, to Nicaragua, where she is still considered a fugitive. The pastor’s lawyers claimed he didn’t know Lisa Miller was defying court orders, but the fact that he disguised Miller and her daughter and made sure the flights they took didn’t touch American soil demonstrated he knew exactly what he was doing. The investigation and trial also revealed numerous ties to leadership within Liberty University and its Liberty Counsel, who defended Miller when she sought to block Jenkins from seeing Isabella.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association has fervently defended Lisa Miller, claiming that there needs to be an “Underground Railroad” to protect children by kidnapping them away from same-sex couples. When courts honor the parental rights of same-sex couples, as they did in Jenkins’ case, Fischer calls this “judicial kidnapping,” suggesting that those opposed to same-sex adoption can and should function outside the law. Upon Kenneth Miller’s guilty ruling yesterday, Fischer tweeted that he was a “Conductor of Underground Railroad” who was protecting a child from an “abusive lesbian environment” and suggested that he too should flee the country rather than face his judicial consequences:

FISCHER: Conductor of Underground Railroad to protect child from abusive lesbian environment found guilty. [Link]

RIGHTWINGWATCH: So Kenneth Miller should probably flee the country as well, right @BryanJFischer since he was just obeying God’s law?


FISCHER: @RightWingWatch Maybe Harriett Tubman can show him the way.

A spokesman for the Religious Right, who has proven he can influence the Republican presidential campaign, is encouraging his daily radio listeners to break the law and kidnap the children of same-sex couples — and feel righteous about doing so. It’s never been more clear that these conservative “family” groups (most of which have been identified as hate groups) do not care about the welfare of children at all, but will demonize and destroy the lives of LGBT people by any means necessary.