Bush administration has ‘no plans’ to declassify ‘grim’ Afghanistan NIE before the election.

ABC News reports that the Bush administration has “no plans to declassify” the forthcoming National Intelligence Estimate on Afghanistan before the election:

U.S. intelligence analysts are putting the final touches on a secret National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Afghanistan that reportedly describes the situation as “grim”, but there are “no plans to declassify” any of it before the election, according to one US official familiar with the process. […]

According to people who have been briefed, the NIE will paint a “grim” picture of the situation in Afghanistan, seven years after the US invaded in an effort to dismantle the al Qaeda network and its Taliban protectors.

The plan to cover up the “grim” reality of the war in Afghanistan is not surprising given the Bush administration’s history of “selectively declassifying” such reports for political gain.