Bush Calls For Fuel Conservation, Rove Cruises to Work in Jaguar

Despite increasing evidence that a federal grand jury is zeroing in on him, Karl Rove is still living his life of luxury. New York Times’ White House reporter Elisabeth Bumiller said on a recent radio program that, in attempting to keep with President Bush’s call to limit non-essential travel and conserve gas, the White House is encouraging staffers to turn in their parking passes in return for free fare on the Washington Metro subway system. But guess who elected not to participate in the program:

CURWOOD: Now, you’ve been talking to some of the White House senior staffers about their habits, as I understand it, and I’m wondering what they’ve told you. What did Karl Rove, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff, tell you when you asked him –

BUMILLER: Well, he didn’t actually respond. I asked him how he was conserving and he sent me an email back asking me how I was conserving.

Rove appears unwilling to give up his morning ride to work in his Jaguar.

Rove’s commuting habit is one of many mixed messages that the Bush administration is sending on conservation. NPR reports that at the same time the Department of Energy is asking Americans to conserve, “it’s also cutting funds for research on energy efficiency.” And Bush, for his part, doesn’t seem to be doing much to limit non-essential travel.