Bush flip-flops on Iraq Study Group.

President Bush on the future of Iraq, 5/24/07:

[Bush] talked about a transition to “a different configuration” in Iraq after the surge of U.S. troops is completed this summer. When pressed on whether he was talking about a post-surge Plan B, Bush answered: “Actually, I would call that a plan recommended by Baker-Hamilton, so that would be a Plan B-H.” […]

Yes, that same Baker-Hamilton plan now seems to be official White House policy.

President Bush on the future of Iraq, 9/19/07:


In an interview with a group of columnists that I attended Wednesday, [Bush] dismissed the notion of establishing the 2006 recommendations of the Iraq Study Group as official U.S. policy. […]

“My attitude is, I accept what [U.S. Iraq commander] Gen. [David] Petraeus recommended, not what they recommend,” he said, referring to Members of Congress pushing the ISG approach, which includes moving U.S. troops from a combat role to one of “overwatch.”

(HT: Atrios)