Bush gets emotional during tribute to himself.

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warmly welcomed President Bush during his visit to the country. “He is a great leader, a great friend, a source of inspiration,” Olmert said of Bush in a speech. Reuters notes that during the speech, Bush “appeared to well up with emotion.” Dan Froomkin writes:

Could it be that despite the outward signs of confidence, all the criticism being heaped upon President Bush is getting to him? It’s sheer speculation, of course, but how do you explain why the president, welcomed to Israel with adulation, started to cry while being praised by a fellow world leader who expressed seemingly sincere admiration.

Watch it:


“Bush has cried many times during his presidency — when he’s met with the families of dead soldiers, after 9/11, at disaster scenes. But this was different. In this case, it seems his tears were for himself,” Froomkin adds.