Bush: If I ran for President, I’d be an ‘agent of change.’

In an interview with NBC aired today, President Bush dismissed the notion that presidential candidates’ messages of “change” are a rebuke of his presidency. Bush said he would do the same right now if he were one of them:

Q: Do you see this message of change as anything other than a rejection of your presidency?

BUSH: No, listen. If you’re running for office, you can’t run for office and not say ‘I am an agent of change.’ It’s just American politics. If I were running for office at this point, I’d be saying, ‘Vote for me. I’m gonna be an agent of change.’

Watch it:



UPDATE: Tim Grieve notes that Bush 41 thought differently than his son. At the Republican National Convention in 1988, George H.W. Bush said:

Now, after two great terms, a switch will be made. But when you have to change horses in midstream, doesn’t it make sense to switch to one who’s going the same way?

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