Bush Meets With Katrina Activist Who Wishes ‘The President Could Have Another Term In Office’

For the last several days, Katrina victim Rockey Vaccarella has been on television repeatedly requesting a meeting with President Bush so he could “thank him for what he has done.” This morning, Bush met with him. Standing with Bush, Vaccarella said, “I just wish the President could have another term in office.” Watch and learn what it takes to score a meeting with President Bush:


Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan — whose son died in Iraq — camped outside Bush’s ranch last summer, seeking to arrange a meeting with the President. But Bush disagreed with Sheehan’s message of bringing the troops home from Iraq and declined to meet with her. Transcript of the video segments:

ROCKEY: When we have dinner with President Bush, all I want to do is first of all thank him. I want to thank him for what he’s done. [CNN, 8/19/06]


ROCKEY: You know, I want to thank the president. I am not going over there to throw any jabs or anything like that. President Bush did a lot for us. [CNN, 8/20/06] ROCKEY: We are going to let the president know hey, thanks for everything you done, we know you are a busy man, and we feel safe with him as chief of our military. [CNN, 8/20/06]

ROCKEY: And when I talk to President Bush, I want to let him say, hey, you know what? There’s been enough mudslinging. And I just want to let him know that, you know, thank you for the FEMA trailer, thank you for what you have done. [CNN, 8/21/06]

ROCKEY: And, you know — you know, there’s been, you know, a lot of — a lot of negative publicity towards President Bush. And that’s not what we are about. [CNN, 8/21/06]

ROCKEY: And I just wish the President could have another term in office. You know, I wish you had another four years, man. If we had this President for another four years, I think it’d be great. But we’re gonna move on. Mr. President, it’s been my pleasure.BUSH: You’re a good man, Rockey. Thank you all.ROCKEY: You are too.CNN: Well, if every meeting went like that, President Bush would meet everybody to come in and see him. [CNN, 8/23/06]