Bush not drawing funds for 2008 GOP campaigns.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that with President Bush’s approval rating at “all-time lows,” he just isn’t able to bring in money for Republican candidates like he used to:

Even in campaigns for Congress, where White House officials are focusing their political efforts, Mr. Bush’s impact appears to be reduced. Notably, he has raised only $36.6 million for Republican candidates and committees through early May, compared with $66.6 million last year and $131.6 million in 2006, according to Republican National Committee figures.

In fact, while Bush is expected to join Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) at fundraising events next week, WSJ adds that “it is unlikely Mr. Bush will be seen much with the candidate.”



White House Spokesman Tony Fratto said the events will be in private residences and closed to the press. “You know the way that goes,” Fratto told reporters. “This is the way we’ve always done it.” But as Window on Washington notes, “It’s not the way other presidents always have done it. Reporters were allowed into fundraising events President Clinton attended at private homes.”