Bush paid $3,571 per minute for motivational speech.

In 2007, President Bush said that he was looking forward to making a “ridiculous” amount of money on the lecture circuit after he left office, noting that his father often made $50,000-$75,000 per speech. Bush is now making far more than President George H.W. Bush. Yesterday, he spoke to nearly 15,000 people at the “Get Motivated!” seminar in Forth Worth, TX. He mostly focused on “lighter topics such as picking out a rug design for the Oval Office that reflected his ‘optimism.’” The Dallas News reports that for this 28-minute speech, Bush received at least $100,000 — a rate of $3571 per minute:

Bush, like other ex-presidents before him, was reportedly paid at least $100,000 to appear at the motivation seminar. He will headline another in San Antonio. […]

It was a rousing, upbeat celebration of positive thinking and conspicuous success. Speakers were introduced with peppy music, confetti drops and bursts of pyrotechnics exploding from each corner of the stage (but not for Bush — Secret Service orders).

Bush is reportedly receiving $150,000 for other speeches, which doesn’t include the private jet he sometimes receives.