Bush: “The Skunk at the Garden Party”

USA Today had a good G-8 post-mortem: “Critics note that the deal has no binding caps, only a pledge to ‘consider seriously’ a 50% cut by mid-century.” The story goes on:

The Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank in Washington, called Bush Pepe Le Pew “the skunk at the garden party” for rejecting the Merkel-Blair targets. Daniel Weiss, the center’s director of climate strategy, said Bush’s global warming plan amounts to “more talk, less treatment.”

The BBC, however, got the story quite backwards:

… the G8 summit looks like a breakthrough in the long Euro-American stand-off over climate policy.In the words of one European policy adviser: “While Europe has been itching on the starting blocks for the past decade, Bush has been sulking in the changing room. At least he is now on the track.”



If Bush is on the track, then it looks like this:

Or maybe that is Bush leaving German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the track.