Bush Won’t Call For Sacrifice: Energy Conservation

Almost everyone appears to understand the need for sacrifice these days but President Bush.

The Washington Post notes that even the president of the American Petroleum Institute, Red Cavaney, is imploring Americans to use less of his product. “The impact of this devastating storm on oil and natural gas operations will be significant and protracted,” Caveney said. “Let us understand: This is not an easy thing.” His solution? “Right now would be a good time for everybody to sort of ramp up your energy conservation.”

The American Automobile Association has urged motorists to conserve fuel. Boston drivers are willing to heed the call. And even the president of an oil company acknowledges “conservation is going to be very important” and is urging people to change their consumption habits. Everyone understands the need for conservation during this trying time for our nation”¦ except the President of the United States.

Despite a Drudge rumor yesterday that Bush may call for some sacrifice in his speech and urge Americans to reduce their demand, he instead attempted to ease fears about fuel supply. “Our citizens must understand this storm has disrupted the capacity to make gasoline and distribute gasoline,” Bush said.


Bush needs to take some cues from the Governor of North Carolina, Mike Easley. “I am asking all North Carolinians to conserve gas,” Easley said. “I am immediately suspending all non-essential state government travel. I am asking state employees to carpool wherever possible. I am also asking all our citizens to be smart about their fuel consumption.”

UPDATE: On Good Morning America today, Bush said, “I would hope Americans conserve if given a choice.”