Bushing It

Gilbert Arenas explains the Wizards game plan against Cleveland:

It’s funny, those two don’t play the same position, but DeShawn told Caron that he’ll guard LeBron (sounds like a children’s nursery school rhyme) so that Caron can rest his legs. DeShawn was like, “I’ll run him around and play D on him and get the fouls so you can just go off on the other end.” So we have our own little gimmicks we’re brewing. With a team like the Cavaliers and a player like LeBron, all you need is distractions. We got to be Bush. We got to be Bush-league. We’re having everybody talking about the war, when we just want to get the oil. We’re Bushing it. That’s all we’re doing. We’re trying distract LeBron over here while we try to get some wins over there. That’s all we’re doing.

Of course if the war had gotten us some oil, it would have at least gotten us something. But last I checked, oil costs more than ever.

UPDATE: Perhaps if Agent Zero bought Heads in the Sand he’d be in a position to offer a more nuanced critique of the Bush foreign policy. Matt Berman says it’s “highly readable and filled with great insights.”