Bush’s Circular Logic on Miers

During an interview this morning on “The Today Show,” President Bush touted Harriet Miers’ credentials:

I would remind those, one, that Harriet is an extraordinarily accomplished woman who’s done a lot. As a matter of fact, she’s consistently ranked as one of the top 50 women lawyers in the United States.

Actually, The National Law Journal ranked Miers among “The Fifty Most Influential Women Lawyers.” The specific designation is significant, because National Law Journal selected her as one of the “most influential” because of Miers’ close, personal relationship with Bush. From the National Law Journal:

1998: “Ms. Miers is a big wheel in the big state of Texas, where she is chair of the Texas Lottery Commission and the personal attorney of Gov. George W. Bush. She was general counsel to Gov. Bush’s transition team when he first became governor.” [“The Fifty Most Influential Women Lawyers In America,” The National Law Journal, 3/30/98]


In other words, the National Law Journal recognized that Miers’ benefited from her connections to Bush. Now, Bush uses that designation to argue that she is qualified apart from her relationship with him. It’s the beauty of circular reasoning.

(HT: Salon War Room )