Buy ‘Language Intelligence: Lessons On Persuasion From Jesus, Shakespeare, Lincoln and LadyGaga’

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If you’d like to be more persuasive, buy my new book Language Intelligence: Lessons on Persuasion from Jesus, Shakespeare, Lincoln and Lady Gaga in paperback (click here) or Kindle (click here).

For the past quarter century — since my first published article on Shakespeare in 1988 — I have studied the secrets of the greatest communicators in history. In this book, I show how you can apply these tools to your writing, speaking, blogging — even your Tweeting. I also discuss the latest social science research on how to be more persuasive and memorable.

One of the greatest speech-makers in the progressive movement gave me this jacket quote after reading a draft of the book two years ago:

Van Jones: This book changed my life, and it can change yours, too. Joe Romm understands the secrets of persuasion and messaging and he has distilled them into this must-read book.”

As I say in the book’s opening line, “This book will change the way you speak and listen.” I believe that this book will change the lives of some significant fraction of those who buy it and read it — those who take its principles to heart and seek to master them.


I decided to give away the most important secret of blogging (and tweeting) in the book, which you can find in the excerpt at the Amazon Kindle page (click here and then hit “Click to Look Inside”).

This is easily my best book ever and by far my best written book as I apply the secrets of effective communications to the very writing of the book, something that took me years and years to achieve and the input of many, many editors.

Bill McKibben: “Joe Romm is one of the best communicators we have. This book is the essential hand-book for anyone who wants to be more effective or more persuasive.

Everyone who has read this book so far loves it, and I will be reprinting a bunch of rave reviews and sweet tweets here this week.

Heidi Cullen just posted a great review at Climate Central:

Romm’s Book ‘Language Intelligence’ Insightful, Important

I would give you a money-back guarantee if there were an easy way to do it, but since I can’t, you’ll just have to take the word of Van Jones and Bill McKibben and Heidi Cullen for now. Or go read the Introduction and much of the first chapter here.


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