Buying Land in Jerusalem

Interesting to see this on a website that seems to be part of Fox News:

Despite claims from the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that Jerusalem’s real estate market is free and open to anyone regardless of race or religion, a new study shows Palestinians do not have equal access to property in Jerusalem.

The Israel group Ir Amim released a new study showing that 80 percent of land in Jerusalem cannot be purchased by Palestinians.

You can learn more at the Ir Amim website.


As regular readers of this blog will recall, there’s basically no city on earth in which the use of land isn’t heavily regulated. Oftentimes, I think the volume of regulation is excessive. But the reason land use in urban areas is heavily regulated is that when people are packed densely together, some measure of fairly intrusive planning/regulation is necessary for public safety, sanitation, workability of infrastructure, etc. When you have an ethnically divided city, and a history of ill-will, and a massive gap in the political power possessed by one group over the other, this is what you get.