By Request: Pasta Mia

NattyB has an unusual question:

Why do yuppies like to line up for food?

Like seriously, is Pasta Mia in Adams Morgan that good? Or is it just some trendy boho fad.

Keeping in mind that I’m speaking only for myself, I think the main attraction with Pasta Mia isn’t that it’s “that good” but that it’s good and it’s cheap relative to the portion sizes. That and the fact that it’s in Adams-Morgan where a lot of people like to go out but there aren’t a ton of good dining options. Personally, I have up the whole going out in Adams-Morgan habit years ago, and probably haven’t been to Pasta Mia since 2004, but that’s my recollection of the appeal.


The other thing Pasta Mia has going for it is a relative lack of competition. Since A.V. Risorante Italiano closed there’s nothing else in the main part of the city existing in that kind of casual Italian/Italian-American culinary space. That’s too bad, because this is a style of food that lots of people like to eat. Now in some respects that’s okay because these pasta dishes are probably something a lot of us are relatively comfortable cooking for ourselves at home, but still it’s a real gap in the city’s culinary landscape. A lot’s been done in recent years to bring new restaurants online specifically in the pizza genre but pasta is good, too!