Bye, Bye

I think it’s utterly fascinating that the American Pie movies have persisted the way they have, even to the extent of us getting a reunion that might bring back someone other than Eugene Levy from the original cast.I liked the first movie just fine, for what it was. But it’s striking how, for a Young Hollywood showcase in that particular moment, almost no one from that movie has attained their potential. Alyson Hannigan is without a doubt the most successful actress from that cast, and while How I Met Your Mother is good work if you can get it, it’s not exactly major stardom. Chris Klein was supposed to be huge, and was very good in Election, but has since utterly washed out. Shannon Elizabeth still acts, but in junk. Ditto for Tara Reid, whose struggles with sobriety and really awful plastic surgery have been pretty sad to watch. Both Factory Girl and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh failed to be the career stepping stones for Mena Suvari that they should have been. The last remotely serious project Natasha Lyonne was in was Blade: Trinity in 2004. Sean William Scott’s sort of muddled along, but he’s never quite broken out, and he just entered a rehabilitation facility. It’s kind of sad, actually. The reason American Pie was reasonably compelling was because these actors lifted absurd premises above themselves. It’s hard to think their batting average since has been this mediocre.