Bye Bye Judd!

ThinkProgress would like to bid a fond farewell to our dear friend, mentor, and editor, Judd Legum. Judd has accepted a position to become the research director for Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. (Some of our savvy readers have already picked up on this.)

Judd founded ThinkProgress two years ago and served as its guiding force. He aimed high and usually hit his mark. The quality of research you have seen (and will continue to see) on this site and the strong progressive community that visits ThinkProgress daily are a lasting testament to Judd’s success.

Please send your goodbye wishes to He’d love to hear from you.

As a token of our appreciation, we’ve compiled some of our favorite blog posts authored by Judd over the years. Here’s a trip down memory lane:


42 Pages of Silly [link]

Thank You For Fighting For The Truth [link]

White House ‘Cuts And Runs’ on ‘Stay the Course’ [link]

A Challenge To Jonah Goldberg [link]

Michelle Malkin Unhinged [link]

Is John Hinderaker Nuts? [link]

Drudge’s Slime and Weave [link]Buchanan Argues For Immigration Moratorium To Preserve White Dominance [link]

Hastert Too Busy To Commemorate September 11 Until September 13 [link]

Inaugural Fundraising Fiasco (Judd’s first post) [link]

VIDEO: O’Reilly Attacks ThinkProgress As “Far Left Smear Website” That Published “Out-of-Context Garbage” About Tony Snow [link]

O’Reilly on ThinkProgress: ‘All Decent Americans Should Reject These Haters’ [link]

Kathleen Parker: If We Don’t Ignore Blogs, We’ll Die [link]

Think Digg [link] Needs A Head Check [link]

Attacking Global Warming Science: Where There’s George Will, There’s a Way [link]

The NeoCon Motto: Never Lose Faith In Someone Who Tells You What You Want To Hear [link]

Elton John Threatens Rick Santorum’s Marriage [link]

We’ll miss you Judd!

— Faiz, Nico, Amanda, and Payson

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