Bye-Bye Ryan Powers

ThinkProgress recently bid farewell to our good friend and colleague, Ryan Powers. For nearly a year, Ryan shared his enthusiasm for new media with ThinkProgress, and was always willing to lend a hand to other team members. Even as an intern, Ryan helped the team innovate and move forward. A look at some of his posts:

Rep. Hoekstra: Only I’m Allowed To Accuse The CIA Of Lying [Link]

Christian Right: Obama Is A Heretic For Observing Day Of Prayer In Private Just Like Most Other Presidents [Link]

Bachmann: The Six Muslim Leaders Detained In MN In 2006 Were On Their Way To Ellison’s Victory Party [Link]


Steele Laughs Off The Recession: ‘The Malls Are Just As Packed On Saturday’ As They Were Before [Link]

Steele Rejects Calls For His Resignation: ‘Not Me Baby! Not Happening’ [Link]

Obama’s Right-Wing Dinner Friends Rip His Stimulus Package: Worst Bill In ‘Galactic History’ [Link]

With New Season Of 24, Right Wing Falls In Love With Torture All Over Again [Link]

2008: Bush’s Last Year By The Numbers [Link]

10 Reasons Why Your Economic Pain Isn’t ‘Mental’ [Link]

Norquist: Bush’s Advisers Telling Him ‘Invade Iran. Then Everyone Will See How Smart We Are’ [Link]

Ryan is off to do political science research at the College of William and Mary. We’ll miss you, Ryan — you’ll always be a part of our team!