Bye-Bye Satyam

ThinkProgress recently bid farewell to our good friend and colleague, Satyam Khanna. For more than two years, Satyam has tirelessly scoured every corner of the Internets to dig up interesting and insightful posts for ThinkProgress. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor slow news days could stop Satyam. A look at some of his posts:

McCain To Deliver Keynote Speech For Creationists [Link]

Fox News Sinks To New Low, Repeatedly Reports Parody Story As Actual News [Link]

Malkin: Sally Field Is The Type Of Mom Who ‘Buys Her Teenager Beer And Condoms On Prom Night’ [Link]


Rep. King Decries ‘Assault On Christmas,’ Calls On Americans To ‘Stand Up’ And ‘Worship Christ’ [Link]

Bush Rejects McCain’s ‘100-Year’ Occupation Of Iraq: ‘That’s A Long Time’ [Link]

Bush: ‘I Don’t Give A Darn’ What Americans Think Of Me [Link]

(You can read all of Satyam’s posts here.)

Satyam is off to law school now. We’ll miss you, Satyam — you’ll always be a part of our team!