Cafferty on McCain ‘gaffe’: ‘What kind of leadership is that?’

Today on CNN, Jack Cafferty said John McCain’s confusion over Iran and al Qaeda poses serious issues about his leadership:

If John McCain makes another mistake like he did yesterday — where he got the Shia confused with the Sunni confused with al Qaeda confused with Iran — the number of people who want the troops out of Iraq will double overnight.

I mean, what kind of leadership is that? He’s over there talking to foreign dignitaries, and he has no idea who the players are.

Watch it:



The Wonk Room has more on the right-wing’s revisionism of McCain’s comments. While the McCain campaign “does concede that McCain was wrong yesterday when he said that Iranian operatives were ‘taking al Qaeda into Iran, training them and sending them back,’” right-wing bloggers refuse to acknowledge it.


Atrios writes that “the Weekly Standard and Wall Street Journal are actively running interference” for McCain.