California Law Funds Confiscation Of Illegally Owned Firearms

On Thursday, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) approved a law that will allot additional funding to the California police to confiscate illegal firearms.

SB 140 will dedicate $24 million toward tracking and confiscating weapons possessed by people who aren’t permitted them under state law — such as criminals and those with mental illness. This addresses a major problem in California, where it’s estimated that, nearly 20,000 felons or the mentally ill posses a total of 39,000 guns. California is the only state that keeps a list of people who once qualified but are no longer eligible to own a gun.

The money is just under what California’s chief of the Bureau of Firearms Stephen Lindley said the department would need. It will allow the state to hire 36 agents dedicated to confiscating illegal firearms.

The law was part of a package of 30 bills, proposed in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, aimed at curbing gun violence. The NRA staunchly opposed the effort, which it deemed “steal[ing] from law-abiding gun owners.”