Can Kansas Envision the Dream Reborn?

Yesterday, the Kansas Senate was swept by agreement to override Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ veto of legislation allowing two coal-fired power plants to be built in Kansas (whose permits were previously denied by Health and Environment Sec. Bremby).

Today, the vote moves over to the House, where the prospects for an override are much weaker but not entirely out of the question. The fate of coal in our nation may be determined. We will either usher in a precedent of immature, negligent energy policy or see Kansas make the history books in a revolutionary first move given ‘the fierce urgency of now.

I quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. here for several reasons.

First, because it is the anniversary of his assassination, but also to point out that this historic decision falls on the first day of a major conference commemorating the Rev. in Memphis, TN — the Dream Reborn conference.


Environmental groups, civil rights groups, parts of the labor movement and youth — all are uniting this weekend to discuss the legacy of MLK, Jr. in the context of the bold aspirational and leadership skills we need now to combat global warming — character attributes Kansas Sec. Bremby and Gov. Sebelius have demonstrated.

Today, of all days in history, do we have the strength to trust the visionary leaders of our biggest moral, social, and economic question? Will Kansas grant life to the green dream, or assassinate it?

— Kari Manlove