Can’t Hardly Wait

A friend alerted me to this slightly horrifying Brightest Young Things feature wherein a misogynistic and unimaginative anonymous 25 year-old tries to sort of be exaggeratedly misogynistic in search of edginess. Pretty banal stuff, but I thought this was hilarious:

Lunch with a friend from NYC. He is telling me about a blowout fight he had with his slore girlfriend last night. He’s “had enough”. He says he’s back in the game, but I’m looking at him, and he’s not really back. I told him to dump her so we can be in creep mode all summer. Kinda like in that movie Can’t Hardly Wait. Great movie.

Do people really ever misunderstand what movies are about this badly? I can sort of see why not everyone gets what Fight Club is about, but I don’t see how anyone could possibly decide Can’t Hardly Wait is a movie about how it’s a good idea to get your buddy to dump his girlfriend so the two of you can “be in creep mode all summer.”