Cantor: Extremist Shimkus ‘Providing A Real Knowledge Base’ On Energy

Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) is organizing a “strike team” to oppose clean energy reform, likely led by extremist global warming denier Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL). Speaking to the global warming denying National Association of Manufacturers, Cantor said House Republican leaders will “target legislative efforts to cap U.S. greenhouse gas emissions” — namely, the Waxman-Markey green economy legislation supported by corporate alliances like the U.S. Climate Action Partnership and Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy. In an interview with E&E; News, Cantor said the opposition team membership has not been decided, but Shimkus is a “potentially valuable player”:

He is providing a real knowledge base on issues dealing with energy. He’s obviously very interested in clean-coal issues, and he is taking a strong interest in making sure we stop this cap-and-trade system.

The Shimkus “knowledge base” is extremist pro-pollution climate denial, embracing the worst myths and confabulations of the radical right.


— Stopping global warming pollution is a greater “assault on democracy” than the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

— Stopping global warming pollution will take away too much ‘plant food from the atmosphere.’

— Global warming doesn’t exist, because the Bible says so.

— Coal, a ‘diamond-type resource,’ ‘gets a bad rap.’

— ‘If drilling is good, drilling and mining is better.’

In an exclusive interview with the Wonk Room following the GOP mock climate hearing on Tuesday, Shimkus reiterated his belief that global warming doesn’t exist, because the “climate continuously changes.”

Watch it:

Shimkus is also a serial liar, repeating to this day the thoroughly debunked canard that an MIT study found that cap and trade is a costly $3100 or $3900 energy tax on working families.


Shimkus has received $914,245 in campaign contributions from the auto, chemical, coal, and oil industries and electric utilities — enough money to pay a mythical $3100 tax for 295 years.

Cantor is resorting to extremists like Shimkus because a cap on global warming pollution will allow America to rebuild its economy without being dependent on fossil fuel pollution — benefiting everyone except the corporate polluters and the politicians who take their money.