Caucasian Student In Texas Starts Group To Advance White ‘Beliefs And Objectives’

A white student in Texas feels his heritage is not duly appreciated by his classmates, and he’s out to do something about it.

Ben Sherman at Burnt Orange Report has background about the Fort Worth-area student:

A Tarrant County Republican activist has a new idea for a new club at Tarrant County Colleges: a student union to celebrate and promote white interests.

Richard Railey, a 56-year-old seeking an Associate of Applied Science in IT, calls himself “Mstr Rick” and is currently seeking a school charter for the White Student Union of Tarrant County Colleges. On its website, Railey deems the group “a confederacy of like minds united in pursuit of common political, cultural, educational, and social interests relative to our unique White Heritage”. In the past, the Tarrant County GOP has appointed Railey as an election judge and elected him as a precinct chairman.

Sherman goes on to note that last year, Railey commented to the Fort Worth Weekly that the mere presence of an Ebony Magazine in a polling place is “EXTREMELY inappropriate and probably a federal election law violation” because it “was an attempt to intimidate, bully, and threaten white voters.”


The group’s flyers say it meets “to combat institutional racism and discrimination on campus” and help with job training “within the white business community”. The group also offers scholarships “EXCLUSIVELY for White Men” through another organization, “The Former Majority Association for Equality.”

“White Student Unions” have gained notoriety recently. A similar group at Towson University grabbed headlines this month when its members defended slavery at a conservative conference and promised to begin nighttime patrols on campus to protect against the “black crime wave”.