CBS stunner: Climate Progress blogger Joe Romm has joined the Tea Party movement!

Washington, DC, April 1 “” CBS News has obtained exclusive archival footage providing irrefutable evidence that so-called “progressive” blogger Joe Romm is in fact an active participant in the Tea Party movement.

In this shocking video, Romm, a physicist and former astronaut who blogs at, is asked by a fellow Tea Partier to “talk tea party talk.” And he does — suggesting Romm is no stranger to Tea Party events:

At a hastily-assembled news conference, Dr. Romm said, “Yes. It’s true. I’ve been to perhaps a dozen Tea Party events in the past year. But at least my events involve actual tea! And yes, I ‘talk tea party talk’. You try saying ‘no’ to a 3-year-old.”

FoxNews commentor Sarah Palin said,”How’s that climaty-progressy thing working out for you now, doctor?” Palin said that she could look at climate change from her home in Alaska, when she wasn’t looking at Russia, that is, but was pretty sure it was not actually caused by her looking. Palin said she suspects climate change is occurring even when she isn’t looking. But, of course, she couldn’t be sure.


In a related story, CBS News has learned that a new study by George Mason University finds that 80% of all Tea Parties are held by little girls.

UPDATE: Dr. Romm confirms that he has been to many Tea Parties since that year-old video, including one as recently as yesterday!