Charges Dropped Against Japanese Honda Employee Charged With Violating Alabama Immigration Law

Charges have been dropped against Ichiro Yada, the Japanese Honda employee who was arrested in Alabama for being in violation of HB 56, the state’s immigration law. Eric Patterson, mayor of Leeds, Alabama, told the Birmingham News that Yada had been ticketed for driving without a license and then arrested for being in violation of a section of the draconian law that requires everyone to have a valid license while driving. Originally, the AP reported that Yada had both his passport and an international license when he was stopped by police. Charges were dismissed when his attorney faxed a copy of Yada’s valid driver’s license to the Leeds city judge. Yada was the second foreign employee of a car manufacturer charged under Alabama’s immigration law, after Mercedes employee Detlev Hager was arrested two weeks ago for not having his passport with him.