Twitter suspends right-wing pundit who called for violence against Charlotte protesters

“Run them down.”

CREDIT: Screenshot/Twitter
CREDIT: Screenshot/Twitter

Twitter suspended Glenn Reynolds’ (AKA Instapundit) account shortly after he sent a tweet advocating violence against protesters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The tweet, which is shown above, includes a picture of protesters surrounding a car on a highway in Charlotte. Reynolds advises the driver to “run them down.”

Wednesday night was the second night of protests in Charlotte after the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. One person was shot during those protests, and is currently in critical condition.


Reynolds, a law professor at the University of Tennessee, is also a prominent conservative blogger and a columnist at USA Today. His blog, Instapundit, is a haven for commentary sharply critical of the Black Lives Matter movement and other recent efforts to call attention to violence against black people. Reynolds himself criticized media coverage of the killing of Trayvon Martin for “gin[ning] up black turnout for 2012, helping Obama.” One of his co-bloggers wrote on Reynolds’ site that Black Lives Matter is “an overtly racist movement” because of its “emphasis being on black” and its focus “on police killings of blacks.”

When he’s not blogging or advocating violence on Twitter, Reynolds is one of the nation’s leading advocates for an expansive interpretation of the Second Amendment. Writing about court decisions expanding the scope of that amendment, Reynolds wrote in his USA Today column that “after a half-century or so of anti-gun hysteria, the nation seems to be reverting to its generally gun-friendly traditions.” Much of his legal scholarship also focuses on the Second Amendment — including at least one article that is featured on the National Rifle Association’s website.