Chase Bank Sells Off Soldier’s Home On The Very Same Day He Returns From Iraq

As ThinkProgress previously reported, Chase Bank had been planning to foreclose on the home of the family of Aaron Collette, who was serving in Iraq. Aaron’s father Tim had fallen on hard times following the recession, and the bank was refusing to work with the family to negotiate for new terms. After an intense pressure campaign from activists and Sen. Jeff Merkely (D-OR), the bank decided to delay the foreclosure past the original June date.

Yet when Aaron Collette returned home to the states this week for what should have been a warrior’s homecoming, he faced his father’s home that had been foreclosed on instead. On the very same day that Collette returned from Iraq, Chase sold the house back to itself during auction proceedings on the local courthouse’s steps. Local news station News 21 covered the event. Watch their report:

Despite the fact that Collette’s family will soon have to leave its home, they remain hopeful that they can help other people keep their residences. “We are going to continue to move forward, because there’s tens of thousands of more people who have not yet lost (their homes). And for those who have lost them, we might be able to try to get them back,” said Tim Collette.


Ironically, the day before the Collette family had their home sold off to the bank, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon bragged to Chase bank employees at a barbecue in Vancouver that his company was helping veterans keep their homes. (HT: