Cheney compares withdrawal from Iraq to ‘betrayal.’

In a speech at the Manhattan Institute today, Vice President Dick Cheney charged that withdrawing troops from Iraq would create a “massive setback.” During his comments, Cheney also “used words like ‘betrayal’” to describe what he sees as the consequences of withdrawal:

Failure in Iraq would also tell America’s friends that we cannot be counted on. We have to remember that in the broader Middle East, untold numbers of people have made a stand for freedom because the United States has led the fight. In Iraq, you’ve got the elected officials, hundreds of thousands of people in the security services, all of the millions of citizens who defied killers to go to the polls and choose their own leaders. It would be the gravest wrong to turn our backs on them and leave them to their fate.

And the impact of any such betrayal would be felt far beyond the borders of Iraq.

Watch a NY1 report on Cheney’s speech: