Cheney: Rumsfeld ˜Is the Finest Secretary of Defense This Nation Has Ever Had

Today, Vice President Dick Cheney spoke at a ceremony honoring outoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Cheney, himself a former Defense Secretary under George H. W. Bush, said Rumsfeld was the “finest Secretary of Defense this nation has ever had.”

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Cheney and Rumsfeld have been close political allies for decades. In 1969, Rumsfeld hired Cheney to “his first job in the federal government” as an assistant at the Office of Economic Opportuntiy. Five years later, Rumsfeld became White House Chief of Staff and made Cheney his deputy.


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In his regard for our people in uniform, in his unwavering strength through unprecedented challenges, in his example of leadership and patriotic service, I believe the record speaks for itself: Don Rumsfeld is the finest Secretary of Defense this nation has ever had.