Chicago Tribune: We’re 75 Percent Honest About Climate Change

“We don’t have set policy on climate change,” Cristi Kempf, the national foreign editor at the Chicago Tribune, told Midwest Energy News’ Tom Vandyck:

You have to remember that most European newspapers are papers with point of view, maybe liberal or right wing. Most U.S. papers still do try to retain that objectivity. We will print stories that bring both sides of the view. We will print stories about climate change presenting it as fact, and we will print stories about people who say climate change doesn’t exist. It’s very obvious that a lot of people, including members of the U.S. Congress, believe it’s not true.

When people say they are disbelievers of climate change, you have to point out that most of this has been debunked. I would say most of our stories — 75 percent — are overwhelmingly showing that climate change exists. Ice is melting, animals are dying — that kind of thing. And then every once in a while, you get something else.

One might hope that a major newspaper might aim for a higher rate of accuracy on an issue of civilizational importance than three out of four.