Chickenhawk congressman criticized by local press.

Last week, ThinkProgress noted that right-wing Ohio Congressman Michael Turner attempted to disparage and smear Center for American Progress military expert Lawrence Korb. Yesterday, Turner’s hometown paper — the Dayton Daily News — covered the incident:

The Center for American Progress’ action fund accused Turner of “smearing” Korb, then tossed out a barb of its own — calling the Republican congressman a “chicken hawk.” The term is often used for someone who ascribes the bravery of soldiers in wartime to themselves because they take a pro-war position. Turner never served in the military. […]

Korb, who taught at the University of Dayton from 1969 to 1971, said he was taken aback by Turner’s line of questioning. “He was saying I was claiming to be something I wasn’t,” he said.

The definition of chickenhawk referenced in the article was first proffered by TP commenter Midwest Product.