China: A Large Country With Which We Should Avoid Fighting a War

What Spencer Ackerman said:

John Cornyn said that we need the F-22 to fight our ally India, which is, you know, fucking crackers. According to Eric Kleefeld, he’s now clarified that to mean we need the plane in the event that we’d fight China. It’s kind of amazing that such a clarification is considered less insane.

It’s not inconceivable that at some future point the United States and China could become locked into some sort of worldwide Cold War-style conflict. But it’s crucial to recognize that a world that looks like that is going to be a stupendously bad future — in terms of economic growth, in terms of the prospects for human rights and democracy around the world, in terms of the global environment, etc. — compared to the future in which the U.S. and China are able to maintain a basically cooperative relationship. Building a dedicated “let’s go to war with China” weapons platform is going to make the conflict scenario more likely and the cooperative scenario less likely.