China blames freak storm on global warming

BEIJING: Freak snowstorms and record low temperatures sweeping northern China are linked to global warming, say Chinese officials….

The head of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, Guo Hu, linked the blizzard-like conditions this week to unusual atmospheric patterns caused by global warming.

‘’In the context of global warming, extreme atmospheric flows are causing extreme climate incidents to appear more frequently, such as the summer’s rain storms and last year’s icestorm disaster in southern China,’’ Mr Guo told Beijing News.

Those dang Chinese. They aren’t pushing the party line of the anti-science crowd. Must be why they are seizing leadership on a variety of clean energy technologies that we invented and/or once led the world in (see “Beijing’s crash program for clean energy” and “China begins transition to a clean-energy economy”).


Of course, it’s hard to tell what’s going on in China, given how hard they are trying to modify their weather:

There are about 2000 weather modification offices in China, according to the media, which are responsible for bombing the skies with silver iodide to induce precipitation.

More than 2 million Beijing and Tianjin students were given the day off school yesterday because traffic was in chaos. On Sunday the capital received its biggest snow dump since 1951….

Beijing winters are normally cold but arid, with most years recording only a light dusting of snow. On Sunday most of Beijing recorded between 10 and 20 centimetres of snow.

The city’s north received 33 centimetres.

No officials have claimed credit for inducing or increasing the snow dump, in contrast to November 1 when Beijing recorded its earliest winter snowfall in 22 years. The Beijing Weather Modification Office later admitting it had fired 186 rockets into the air to break the drought.

Weather officials told some state media they were also behind a second snowfall in November, but told other outlets they were not. They kept silent when the city recorded its third big unseasonal dump that month.

As we’ve seen, extreme snowfall is not inconsistent with climate science — see Was the “Blizzard of 2009”³ a “global warming type” of record snowfall “” or an opportunity for the media to blow the extreme weather story (again)?

Inner Mongolia, a region that is battling severe desertification, rents seven planes to seed rain clouds, according to the National Weather Modification Office.

‘’Our work scale is the largest in the world,’’ Guo Xueliang, director of the Weather Modification Office told Southern Weekend. The newspaper reports that the program had previously been halted in 1980, after a decade in which 169 people were killed and 410 injured due to unspecified weather manipulation-related accidents.

There’s gotta be a James Cameron movie in there somewhere.

Given how well our current uncontrolled weather-manipulation effort is going, you’d think they’d think twice about this. Also sooner or later they’re gonna realize that the cloud seeding just takes potential rain from somewhere else. If the subtropics keep expanding, as climate science predicts, I think the seeding will become less effective and more controversial.