Chris Christie gets caught lounging on New Jersey beach he closed to public

Christie denied going to the beach. There were receipts.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Mel Evans
CREDIT: AP Photo/Mel Evans

On Saturday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ordered a shut down of the state government, including all state beaches on July 4 weekend. The shutdown came due to the inability of Christie to reach an agreement with the Democratic state legislature.

Christie’s administration has been ruthless about enforcement, kicking out a Cub Scout Pack with 25 kids from a state park.

One group, however, was given special dispensation. Christie and his family soaked up the sun at Island Beach State Park.

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At a news conference on Sunday, Christie was asked if he had been to the beach that day. He denied it.

I didn’t. I didn’t get any sun today,” Christie said.

Unfortunately for Christie, he was photographed on the beach, along with his wife Mary Pat, by NJ Advance Media. Asked later about the photos, a Christie spokesman said that Christie “did not get any sun” because he “had a baseball hat on.”


Christie is one of three Republican governors who have been unable to reach budget agreement, leaving their states in various stages of paralysis.